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Conversion Set Up

Microfiche Conversion Set Up

 Setting up a microfiche conversion job requires the following criteria.

1) Output Media: typical options a service bureau can provide are CD, DVD, USB Hard Drive, FTP, flash drive, online image repository

2) File Format: after the scan is complete, typical options are .pdf, .tif, images in a searchable Microsoft database or other proprietary format.

3) Scanning Resolution: typical resolutions 200 pdi and 300 dpi and

4) Indexing Protocol: typical indexing methods (also called file naming protocol) are name, date, subject etc.

      example: index by name:  first_name, last_name.pdf

        index by date: march2010.pdf

        index by subject: board_meeting_minutes.pdf

        index by multiple categories:  board_meeting_march2010.pdf

5) Turnaround Time:  Small jobs may be completed in 1 day or 1 week, large jobs may be completed in months or a year.  For large microfiche and microfilm conversion jobs, we often work towards a monthly budget as agreed upon with the customer.   With this method, the job eventually is completed and Accounts Payables knows what to expect from month to month.


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