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Microfiche Conversion and Scanning Services

If you are looking for a service provider to digitize and convert fiche to digital, you have come to the right place! You will be working with a service bureau with 34 years of microfiche and microfilm service experience.  We scan on 2 shifts to provide fast turnaround on microfiche conversion jobs. To scan microfiche and microfilm is our specialty. Contact us for free, no obligation samples if you are interested in our services..

In 1979, Micrographics Equipment Services, Inc. began to service COM, Computer Output to Microfiche, Recorders, equipment designed to produce microfiche from computer generated print files. Instead of printing paper, the images were printed onto microfiche for long term archiving.  From our headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Lansing, IL we now provide COM services to companies and governmental agencies across the country.

As the company grew, our customers requested that we produce microfiche and today as the digital world expands, our customers request our services to scan and convert the microfiche to digital. Microfiche scanning and conversion services are now a large part of our service offering.  We can convert your microfiche in a few days.  We also offer free samples with or without OCR and there is no charge or obligation for our free sample program.

Paper to Digital
Microfiche conversion services

We also convert paper to digital

16mm microfilm
Microfilm Microfiche OCR

How do I specify conversion of microfiche and microfilm to digital?

Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services

Due to the longevity and history of our company, we have many tools, resources and capabilities to service your account.  However, most of our customers need a service from one of the following categories:

Summary of our Service



    • 16mm roll microfilm
    • 35mm roll microfilm
    • Microfiche
    • Microfilm
    • paper
    • 9 track 1600/6250 bpi tape
    • 3480/3490 cartridges
    • 4mm & 8mm DAT tape
    • TIFF
    • Word Doc
    • FTP
    • aperture card
    • engineering drawings
Fiche Conversion Service

Trust your Microfiche and Microfilm Conversion requirements to a local and federal government contractor and service provider!   

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